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The goal of this page is to inform Alexander Majors Chapter members and non-members of past, current and future activities, news, and interests of their organization. Any relevant and general noteworthy news involving meetings, re-inactments, speakers, field trips, and general knowledge of local and national events, will be reported here also.
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The following news archives past events from 2000-2003.


January 11: Meeting.  The Humanities Council sponsored Don and Gloria Inbody's (from Overland Park) presentation  "The Oregon Trail: Then and Now."  Twenty-seven members were in attendance, including John Platt's guest ,Warren Moses, and George Hicks' guest, Bruce Pennington.  The Executive Committee, consisting of Ray James, John Platt, and Byron McDaniel, nominated officers for 2003-2004.


December 14: Meeting.  John Lambertson, The National Frontier Trails Center, Independence, Missouri, made a brilliant presentation on the significance of the migration westward during the mid-nineteenth century to Oregon and California.  He demonstrated the uniqueness of the event and the influence that this migration had on making the United States a world power. Compatriot Bob Corbett made a motion to contribute $50 to the George Washington Birthday Celebration to be held in February 2003.  The motion was approved.  Frank Adams became the newest member of the Chapter.

November 16: Social.  Twenty-five members and guests enjoyed each others fellowship at the Chapter's annual social at the Hillcrest Country Club.  Compatriot Ken Walcutt, Treasurer, coordinated the event.  Compatriot Bob Corbett facilitated robust attendance by initiatiating phone calls to all members.  President Rick Osborn was master of ceremonies.  Attendees dined on fillet mignon and boiled salmon.  Compatriot Ivan Risley, Vice President of Programs, enlisted the help of the speaker, Dr. Bill Worley, UMKC Professor of History. Dr. Worley entertained the group with personal biographies of the leaders of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and their Corp of Discovery.  (Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were both sons of Revolutionary War patriots.)

October 12: Meeting.  Don Davis became the newest member of the Chapter. He was sworn in by President Rick Osborn.  Dr. Bill Worley, Professor in the UMKC History Department, was the speakwer.  He presented the history and development of early Kansas City.  He covered the period from 1833, when a store was established in Westport, to 1853, when the area was incorporated as the City of Kansas City, Missouri.

September 14: Meeting. Compatriot Bill Freeman gave a presentation on obtaining points towards the Josiah Fogg Award.  Compatriots Roger James and Max Deweese of the Delaware Crossing Chapter presented a program on the Bill of Rights.  Both compatriots were dressed in uniforms that were similiar to those worn by General George Washington's color guard.

August 10: Meeting.  Compatriot Bob Corbett shared the story of his 14 year-old great-great-grandfather, John Sloan.  Sloan was kidnapped along with his sister by Indians in 1791.  Tragically, another sibling died from disease on the same day.  The children were released in 1794 after General Wayne defeated the tribe.  John Sloan learned the Delaware language and later served as an interpreter.  He died at age 86.

July 13: Meeting.  Compatriot Ivan Risley gave a presentation on barrel-making (cooperage).  Ivan has given this presentation many times to external groups.  He also displayed and demonstrated the use of his impressive collection of unique tools.  Cooperage dates from the earliest of times.  White oak is the principal wood used for barrels that store liquid.

Ivan assumed the duties of Program Chairman after the resignation of
Frank Adams.  Frank 's work schedule on Saturday's prevented him from contributing to this role any further.

June 8: Meeting.  Gerald Bennett was presented his SAR membership certificate and rosette.  Gerald's ancestor, Rufus Sanford Bennett, once served as a body guard to George Washington.  Compatriot Bill Freeman, Chairman of Quality and Excellence,  announced that the Chapter had accumulated 520 points towards the 2002 Josiah Fogg Award.  Ms. Ginger Farley continued her discussion of end-of-life issues by defining Hospice care.

May 11: Meeting.  Compatriot George Diehl was presented the Meritorious Service medal and accompanying certificate for his dedication to the Chapter over the last ten years.  This was George's last meeting with the Chapter before moving to Maryland.  Ms. Ginger Farley presented "Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions."

April 13: Meeting. Frank Adams, recently elected Vice President, introduced Ms. Margaret Garcia, who spoke about "The History of Unity." Compatriot Bill Freeman, Chairman of Chapter Quality and Excellence, reported that the chapter had scored 1,605 points towards the Josiah Fogg Award in 2001.  This represents a 17 percent improvement in Chapter quality over last year.

March 9: Meeting.  Compatriot Courtney Sloan, MOSSAR Treasurer, installed the new Chapter officers for 2002-2003. Compatriot Bob Davis, Vice President , introduced Ms. Tricia Hanska from the Kansas City Zoo. She presented “How the Zoo Grew.”  Her laptop-based slide presentation was well received by the chapter. She emphasized the new developments and investments that the zoo has recently made.

February 23: George Washington Birthday Celebration Luncheon. Sixteen of our Chapter’s members and their guests. Colonel Robert Donlon, the first person awarded the Medal of Honor in Vietnam, was the distinguished speaker and received the Gold Citizenship Award at the luncheon.  The Alexander Majors Chapter is a sponsoring chapter of this annual tradition.

January 12: Meeting. Mr. Charles Erickson, Thomas Jefferson descendant, was the guest speaker.  He relayed recent events at the Jefferson Society and gave his perspective on the claims that Thomas Jefferson sired children through his slave, Sally Hemming.


December 8: Meeting. Mr. Daniel Bednar from Longview Community College presented “Chaos Theory: The Power of the Butterfly.”  His slide presentation showed how this theory could be applied to various aspects of life including creativity and management. Compatriot John Platt, Registrar and Executive Committee member, awarded Mr. Moe Courville a S.A.R. Flag Certificate.

November 9: Social. Mr. Robert Cook, historian and educator, presented "Presidential Wit and Humor" to 28 Chapter members and guests at the Hillcrest Country Club.  He provide a humorous, yet instructive look at American presidents, vice presidents, and would-be presidents.

October 13: Meeting. Ms. Judy Johnson of Hope House talks about spousal abuse and the work her organization performs with victims. Compatriot  Glen Osborn, Secretary, unveils a new Revolutionary War era display.  Flags of the thirteen colonies are prominently featured  against the backdrop of the Declaration of Independence.

September 8: Meeting. Compatriot George Diehl discusses the Marshall Plan.

August 11: Meeting. Mr. Art Donelly, storyteller.  Compatriot  Owen Neff, Vice President, previews the Swamp Fox by Robert D. Bass.  This book chronicles the exploits of General Francis Marion in the Southern campaign of the Revolutionary War.

July 14: Meeting. Ms. Helene Miller from the Missouri Department of Conservation presents "The Forests and Trees of Missouri."
June 9: Meeting. Ms. Shirley Donaldson presents the contributions of the American Indian in WWI and WWII.  Compatriot George Diehl, Chapter Historian announces that he is moving to Maryland to be closer to family and grandchildren. 

May 12: Meeting.  Ms. Glenda Smithers, Nathan Futrell Society, Children of the American Revolution, presents a video about the organization and how  children can celebrate their American heritage.  The Chapter donated $100 to C.A.R. Ms. Jenna Busey, winner of the Chapter's Knight Essay contest, presents her essay, The U.S. Constitution: Does it stand the test of time? Compatriot George Diehl presents his initial findings on the feasibility of the Chapter sponsoring a 5K race.

April 14:
Meeting.  Compatriot Robert Corbett presents the history of the 86th Infantry Division in WWII.  This division trained in the U. S., fought from Le Havre, France through Belgium and Germany and were in Austria on V-E Day.  After returning to the States they were in route to Japan on V-J Day.

March 10, 2001:  Meeting. President of the Missouri Society of SAR, Richard Hofer, installs the Alexander Majors Chapter officers for 2001-2002.

February 24, 2001: 
George Washington Birthday Celebration Luncheon at Finnigan's Hall in North Kansas City at noon.  The Honorable Paul Spinden, Chief Judge, Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District will be the keynote speaker.  His topic, "Extra"ordinary George Washington, discusses the five traits that  created Washington's greatness.

January 25, 2001: The sword that George Washington gave to Major Gano is formally put on display at William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri.

January 13, 2001: Meeting.  Mr. James G. Madison presents Buffalo Soldiers.

December 9, 2000: Meeting.  Mr. Chris Gilbert, Raytown Police Department, presents his experiences as a liaison officer with the Raytown Middle and Grade schools.

November 11, 2000: 
SAR units will be marching in the Liberty Memorial Day Parade starting at 9:45 AM
at the Kansas City Liberty Memorial grounds  (31st & Main).  Should you have any questions please contact
Robert Grover or call (816) 373-5309.

November 10, 2000: 
Our November meeting will be held at the Hillcrest Country Club, 8200 Hillcrest Road, Kansas City, Missouri from 6-9 PM on Friday night.  Ms. Eleanor Brown will reenact Susan B. Anthony. This is the Chapter's annual social event.

October 14, 2000: 
Meeting.  Ms. Jan Cummings, Johnson County Community College, presented Furniture and Architecture of Colonial Williamsburg.

October 8, 2000: Sons of the Revolution (SOR) meeting at St. Andrews Church (Wornall and Meyer Blvd.) at 4:00 PM - admission is free!  Mr. Dale Fleck, President of the Kansas City Chapter of SOR, will play Yorktown Victory and Hewitt's Battle of Trenton.  The later composition has a narrative part that will be performed by the rector of St. Andrews Church.  A 3:00 PM tea will precede the meeting and is open to our members for $7.

September 9, 2000: Meeting.  Ms. Marjorie Duker, Children's Mercy Hospital, speaks to the Chapter about the history, current services, and future plans of the hospital.  Immediately following the meeting, members will be displaying their memorabilia at the World War I to the Gulf War Exhibition.  The Mid-Continent Public Library in Lees Summit is sponsoring an event for display of artifacts from the wars that the United States has participated in during the 20th century.  Featured exhibitions include:  Modern military vehicles, artillery & aviation displays, 15' x 5' model of the USS Missouri, vintage motor pool & M.A.S.H., dogtags, memorabilla & equipment, and much more!  The Library is located at 150 N.W. Oldham Road, Lees Summit, MO  64081.  For more information call (816) 524-0567.  ADMISSION IS FREE!!!

August 12, 2000: Meeting.  The American Bald Eagle, a 14 minute video, was presented by Chapter VP of Programs, Bob Davis.  It highlighted the majesty of the bird, our national symbol, and described preservation efforts.

July 8, 2000: Meeting.  Ms. Katherine Long, Manager of the Special Collections section of the Kansas City Public Library, presented the resources that are available in the collection, especially for genealogists.  The collection focuses on the history of the Kansas City area.  The collection includes more than 40 volumes of newspaper clippings, which can be searched by subject, directories from 1859 to the present, 15,000 photographs, over 15,000 postcards, area maps and atlases, family histories, Civil War reference material, information on western migration and trails,  and much more (whew!).

***SPRING NEW and NOTEWORTHY: Don't miss Arthur Loux's insightful analysis of the final resting places of Revolutionary War Patriots in the Spring 2000 issue of The SAR Magazine.  Grave site data for those who contributed to the War for Independence was recently released as the SAR Revolutionary War Graves Register on CD from Progeny Software.  Compatriot Loux is a past Secretary and current member of the Alexander Majors Chapter.  He recently won the Meritorious Service Medal for his efforts on the editing of the grave-site files.

June 28, 2000: 'The Patriot' starring Mel Gibson opens at theaters nation-wide.  (Mel Gibson reportedly received an industry-high $25 million dollars for starring in this Revolutionary War film.)

June 10, 2000: Meeting.  Ms. Molly Kent presented The USS Arizona's Last Band.  Molly's brother was one of the 21 members of the ship's band.  All of the band members perished during the sinking of the Arizona during the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  She has traced the history of each band member and will tell their story.

May 29, 2000: Parade.  At 10:00 AM, the  "Heart of America Salute to Veterans" parade starts at the corner of 27th and Grand Avenue, Kansas City, MO heading north, then west on Pershing.  The local SAR Color Guard is expected to be out in force for this event and others over the Memorial Day weekend.  Look for them!

May 13, 2000: Meeting.  Ms. Roberta Bonnewitz presented Raytown Remembers.  Ms. Bonnewitz is a noted historian of Raytown and has resided there for almost 60 years. She taught elementary school there for many years.  She was selected "Volunteer of the Year " by the Jackson County Association.  She is a Director and Officer in the Friends of the Rice-Tremonti Association.

Compatriot Glen Osborn was awarded the SAR  War Service Medal and Certificate. Glen served in the Navy during WWII from 1942 to 1945.  Afterwards he served in the Office of Strategic Services. He received a Purple Heart during his Navy tour and was also presented a SAR heart-shaped lapel pin in recognition of this honor.

Compatriot John Platt volunteered to fill the Registrar position left vacant by the late Robert Berrey.

April 28, 29, 2000: The MOSSAR Annual Membership Meeting was held Friday and Saturday at the Ramada Inn, 2820 N. Glenstone, Springfield, Missouri. Vice President Owen Neff represented our Chapter.

April 8, 2000: Kansas City Laubach Literacy Council -- Mr. Thomas Gustafson discussed the tremendous problem of illiteracy within this community, and how and why the Laubach program works.

New Alexander Majors web site unveiled. (As of now this web site is operated for free. There is no charge for operating or owning this web site.)

Located at This is the Alexander Majors first web site and first one among Missouri chapters.  With more and more chapters across the United States creating and managing their own web sites, Alexander Majors will be joining the fast lane on the information highway. There are over twenty pages packed with information on upcoming events, news,  American Revolution history, genealogy research, new membership and much more. The creators of this web site are excited about this new tool for reaching out and educating the community about our organization and the Revolutionary War in general.

This web site is an excellent opportunity for members to exchange information quickly, and to learn about events they may have missed or would like to know more about.
Your help is needed in keeping this web site an active part of the Alexander Majors Chapter. We would like to look at it as 'our newest member' and invite you to explore the site and let us know what you think. E-mail the Web Master now.

April 5, 2000: Judge Robert Berrey III, Chapter Registrar, died.  Our sympathy goes to wife, Carol.

March 11, 2000: Missouri Society President, Robert Grover, will be installing the new chapter officers.  Also, Major Rauch from the Combat Studies Institute in Leavenworth Kansas will present "The Yorktown Campaign 1781". Considered the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War.

February 19, 2000: George Washington Birthday Luncheon held at Finnegan's in North Kansas City. Annual celebration by eight SAR chapters in the area, it is one of our biggest events.

anuary 31, 2000: Gerry and Cindy Gerry are proud to announce a new addition to the next generation of SAR members; Thomas Edward Gerry arrived at 3:44 AM. He weighed 9 pounds, 4 1/2 ounces and was 21 inches long with light red hair. Mother and baby are doing fine. Congratulations Gerry!
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