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1776 (1972): starring Howard DeSilva, William Daniels, musical. - read review

Drums Along The Mohawk (1939): starring Henry Fonda, Claudette Colbert, directed by John Ford - read review

The Devil's Disciple (1959): starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas and Laurence Olivier. - read review

Jefferson In Paris (1995): starring Nick Nolte, Gweneth Paltrow. - read review

George Washington The Forging Of A Nation (1986): starring Barry Bostwick, Patty Duke. - read review

LIBERTY! The American Revolution (1997): 6 hour documentary. - read review

Alexander Hamilton ( 1931): story of Hamilton's roll in the government after the Revolution. - read review

April Morning (1988) TV: April 19, 1775, the shot heard 'round the world. - read review

The Bill of Rights (1939):
dramatization of events leading to the birth of the Bill of Rights, depicting leading political figures. - read review

Call to Arms (1997) V: how the American peolple faced the task of creating and operating a militia. Follow in the eyes of a young recruit, training for a call to arms. Meet the Ethopian Regiment, blacks slaves trained by the British. - read review

Choosing Revolution ( 1999) V: story of Randolph family struggle over choosing sides and pitting brother against brother and father against son. Peyton Randolph and his brother John from Virginia making decisions affecting their families lives and even the lives of their slaves. - read review

The Crossing (2000) TV: George Washington and the Continental Army risk everything on one desperate attack on Trenton, crossing the Deleware. - read review

The Patriot (2000): Portrayal of family pioneer/Patriot (Mel Gibson) caught up in a young Americas struggle for Independence. Defending his property and family from the British, Mel Gibson is caught up in his country's fight for freedom. - read review
George Washington the Forging of a Nation (1986)
The Devil's Disciple (1959)
Drums Along the Mohawk (1939)
Books . . .

The First American - by H.W. Brand, Doubleday, 2000, 759 pages -- a narrative biography that postulates Franklin was the greatest American of every era.  Statesman, inventor, printer, author, diplomat, and yes, even firefighter; no other American contributed in so many different fields.

Mr. Brands, a history professor at Texas A&M, has written an old-fashioned narrative biography with a rich cast of secondary characters and a large stock of historical scenery.  The pace is brisk and even, and the prose is fluent and companionable.  No lay reader will be frightened away by archaic language."  (James Grant, Wall Street Journal, 9/20/00, page A24)

Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans - by Joyce Oldham Appleby, Harvard University Press, 320 pages  --  Describes what it was like for the Americans born 1776 - 1830 who inherited a whole new set of belief systems from the Revolution and the Americanism that they helped define. (Only $18.20 at

The Continental Army - by Robert K Wright, Jr., first printed 1983 - Library of Congress - Army Lineage Series - United States Army Center of Military History, 451 pgs. paperback.  'The Continental Army' directs us to the basic military organization used during the war and to the forming of the Army's traditions and first tactical doctrine. This book traces the birth of the Army and its gradual transformation into competent group of professionals and emphasizes for the first time the major influences of eighteenth century military theorists on that transformation. It should join the other two volumes as a basic reference on the military hostory of the Revolution. Available at Government Book Store at Bannister Mall, KCMO. $21

Our Flag - Senate Concurrent Resolution 61 - 105th Congress, 1st Session - 1997 - Pamphlet depicting most American flags including flags that flew during the Revolution. History of the flag and proper display and usage of the American flag also. Available at Government Book Store at Bannister Mall, KCMO.

The War of the American Revolution - by Robert W. Coakley and Stetson Conn - 1975 - United States Army Center of Military History - Reference work in three parts - a brief narative history of the war, a chronology of military events, and a bibliography. Many maps and paintings depicting battles of war. 257 pgs. paperback. Available at Government Book Store at Bannister Mall, KCMO. $12
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